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If the thought of leather jewelry piques your interest, get ready for some mind-blowing samples of the very best in leather accessories with leather cuff bracelets. Off The Cuff has leather accessories of the highest quality and most intriguing designs, and our leather cuff bracelets are guaranteed to give you satisfaction and make a statement! Choose from a wide range of patterns, styles and colors. With Off the Cuff leather cuff bracelets, you can find the perfect leather bracelet to define your signature look!

Leather Cuff Bracelets are available in a variety of styles and colors, including:

History of Leather Jewelry (Just for Fun!)

No, we are not going to give you a history lesson, but we thought you might like to know a little bit about what happened in the past to lead to the creation of beautiful leather jewelry today!

Leather tanning is one of the oldest of human activities. Not long after man tamed wild animals and began to use them for milk, meat and eggs, he began to use their hides for leather. The Ancient Egyptians tanned or cured their hides through several methods that were gradually perfected over the years.

As mankind realized how simple it actually was to create durable, long-lasting leather goods, leather surged in popularity. Leather began to be used for everything from clothing to carrying cases and remained one of the most popular fabrics for thousands of years. Every culture in the world had some form of tanning and preserving animals hides to make leather.

While leather jewelry never really went completely out of style, it has enjoyed periods of popularity and periods of dormancy. Today, leather jewelry is hailed as a fashionable way to show off your good taste and your personal sense of style!

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Leather Cuff Peace Design Leather Cuff Bracelet Love Personalized Leather Cuff Bracelets
Leather Cuff Peace
Price: $45.00
Leather Cuff Love
Price: $45.00
Peace out with this beautiful natural leather peace cuff with shiny silver grommet accents and adjustable band. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?  Well now you can! The LOVE cuff makes a great addition to your own collection or a wonderful gift for that special someone. Wear Love on you sleeve or give a special gift to mom, dad, sister, daughter or best friend!

Off the Cuff Leather has customized leather bracelets for almost any occasion. Personalized custom leather bracelets make a wonderful gift for almost any holiday, birthday, anniversary or other event, no matter who is being honored. They are also a great way to personalize a gift for yourself!

Leather Cuff Best Friend Forever Leather Cuff for Soccer Player Black & Silver Bangals
Leather Cuff BFF
Price: $45.00
Give your BFF a reminder that she is always your best friend!  This leather cuff makes a great gift for birthdays or just because. Show your support of your favorite soccer player with this leather cuff.  If you like, personalize it with a name! This leather cuff comes with the Soccer Ball image, so they make a great gift for the whole team! Personalize a leather cuff with a team member's name. This piece is a dream come true with its lovely silver and black bangle construction and gold accents.  It seems to float on the wrist!
Chocolate Cord and Metal Bead Bracelets
This set comes with three chocolate leather cord and metal bead bracelets for a New Age beauty that shines no matter where you go. $50 For set of 3.